What I Need

When we get serious about addressing our finances we realize the problem isn’t our calculator, the problem is our heart. God wants to change that, but we have to change …read more


“Are you friends with God?  This week, Pastor Chris challenges us with this question as he walks through the amazing way God invites us to experience His Spirit.  

He Calls Me What?

What if there is more to this idea of God’s family than we thought? Join us as Pastor Chris unpacks the amazing relationship that Jesus has invited us into!  

Our Father

God invites us to allow Him to take on multiple different roles in our life. This week, Pastor Chris walks us through what God teaches us, what He has given …read more

Complex and Personal

Our relationship with God is intended to be personal, but we don’t always treat it that way.  Join us as we unpack what God has in store for us and …read more