Free to Love Part 3

As we come to the end of our Freedom conversation we’re introduced to a practice that we’ve misunderstood. It’s a practice that reveals so much of what we believe. It’s …read more

Free to Love Part 2

If our value and identity is secure… if we’re free from the law, what guides us? Why does it matter what we do? We continue the conversation.  

Exceptional Exceptions

As leaders, we understand that great systems are important to training, development, communication, and teamwork. However, we also understand that there is a necessary place for exceptions. We impact and …read more

Free to Love Part 1

Grace leaves us all with one question, “If that’s true, why does it matter what I do?” Today we begin to unpack the answer.  

No More, No Less

When you live your entire life in a world that’s conditional, it makes sense that God would be that way as well, but what if He’s not?       …read more