Dedicated to His Story

Every day we make a choice about the story we will live for. Some of us live for the story of family, some career, some wealth, but God has invited …read more


Today, we look back on the last nine weeks of Financial Peace University and reflect on what we have been able to accomplish through God as we position ourselves to …read more

Creating a Culture

As we reach the end of our Be Rich conversation, Pastor Chris lays out commitments that we can make to manage our finances God’s way so that one day we …read more

Our Great Opportunity

Why do we manage finances at work so differently than we manage finances in our personal lives? This week, Pastor Chris explains what God is trying to teach us about …read more

Rip Them Out

What idols are we holding onto in our lives that are preventing us from being content? This week, Pastor Chris describes three different categories of idols that we are led …read more