Often learning about love can leave us feeling buried under the weight of all we need to do without every learning how. Today we spend some time on the “how”. …read more

Why Don’t You Understand?

In our vision of love understanding is magical. We expect them to magically understand and assume we magically understand them. What if we’ve completely missed the point when it comes …read more

Served or Serve

What if our vision of relationships is built around the wrong thing? What if we start in the wrong place? Today we shift the origin of our vision and explore …read more

Intentional Not Spontaneous

In creating our vision of love we’ve bought into a faulty idea of romance. It’s time for the vision to begin shifting. It’s time to redefine what romance actually looks …read more

A Shift in Vision

This week we launch The Love Project. There are very few things that captivate our culture more than the idea of love.