It’s Not That Simple

We love to believe that the moments of our lives exist independently. We want to think our decision today doesn’t impact tomorrow. We think the same about God’s actions, leading …read more

Get Up

The greatness of a fighter is determined by their ability to take a hit. A great fighter can’t be kept down. A great fighter keeps getting up, and God has …read more

It Holds It All Together

As God steps into our story to equip us for the battle He begins with truth. This is what holds it all together. But we have an interesting relationship with …read more

No Kill Shots

Sometimes in life we get that call that changes our lives forever. We begin to question everything. We begin to wonder whether God actually won. How do you stand firm …read more

The Loner

We don’t live in a gladiator match, we live in a war. There’s a myth in our culture that we can be independent in our victory. That we can fight …read more